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Leadership Roundtable

The latest 3AI Leadership Roundtable held at T-Hub Hyderabad featured impactful discussions with CIOs, CDOs, #CTOs, and prominent AI Analytics leaders from GCCs, Technology, Consulting firms, pure-play analytics firms, digital native firms, and startups. They shared profound insights on how Generative AI is shaping the tech industry and programming segment, delving deep into adoption, impact, and key use cases across healthcare financialservices insurance pharma retail manufacturing and other industries.

At 3AI Thought Leaders Circle (TLC); we provide immense opportunities to TLC members to engage with the Tech AI Analytics ecosystem: leadership roundtables, knowledge insight sessions, core talks, large scale events, fireside chats, expert talks, masterclass series, anthology sessions covering end to end topical, strategic & operational spectrum of AI, Analytics & Data sciences themes & topics.

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